PODCAST | Using tech to influence consumer behaviour and experiences


PODCAST | Using tech to influence consumer behavior and experiences


Using technology to influence customer behavior is the focus of this edition of the Business Day Spotlight. Our host Mudiwa Gavaza is joined by Nick Durrant, founder, and CEO of Bluegrass Digital, a local web, mobile, and software outfit. Durrant talks about how businesses can use data to improve customer experience, which helps to drive engagement and sales.


He explains that customer journey management can help business owners boost customer satisfaction and increase sales and revenues. “This is a method of optimizing the online and in-store customer experience, often referred to as experience optimization or journey mapping.” Given the shift of many businesses to digital platforms over the last two years, Durrant, whose clients include Coronation and Mazda, says managing customer interactions from beginning to end can ensure customer retention, more referrals, increase upselling, and engagement, and improve return on investment for marketing.


Topics of discussion include: how businesses can use data to improve customer experience; ways in which businesses can improve their data collection; tools that can be used to map out a customer’s experience with a particular business; and ways in which data collected can be used to glean insights into customer behavior.


Listen to Podcast below:






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